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Some Defintions.
By Connectivity I mean 24x7 access to sufficient bit transfer capability to do all the data transfer and real time communications you would need to do, be it at home, work, on the move or sitting in a public space.
The word Broadband,  like the word Internet and World Wide web have been much mis-used and I am as guilty as any in my sloppy use of these words.  In seeking transparency of service,  it is best to get the definitions clear.
The word Broadband has several meanings depending on the context it is used. The propaganda and marketing messages have associated it with a head line throughput speed which could be possible under a certain set of circumstances.  We are paying for the potential of the service as opposed to what we experience,  a bit like my old endownment policies.
In telecommunications engineering Broadband refers to a signalling method on a set frequency range which is divided into channels.  The quality of copper and the proximity to the exchange determines how much of the frequency can be used to transmit and receive data,  hence in DSL terms the tuning to find how many channels within the allotted frequency is usable.  The more usable frequency, the more data is transferred.  The use of terms like fibre broadband is really odd,  because light is used rather in place of the radio frequncies to form the connections we need and transfer data.
Broadband has different meanings when associated with DSL, ethernet, cable, powerline, video,  but hold the common association or expectation of high speed transfer of bits.
It is perhaps best to describe this generic requirement as connectivity,  but to connectivity to what and how.  I will use connectivity because it captures the notion of being connected and connected independent of the means of access.
The word Internet is equally abused.  Here I take it to mean the network of networks which uses the standardised internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to form connections between computers. In the terms of this site the focus is on connectivity using the internet protocol suite to any service hosted on the network of networks. The focus is on the protocols which permit connectivity without the micro billing of every micro action. The protocols support browsing, email, instant messaging,  voice and mulit-media communications.
The World Wide Web or Web is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessable via a browser from a device connected using the internet protocol suite. The web has become associated with all the services which are hosted on it and accessible through it.  It is in this context the 'web' will be used.