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The consultation on the BT pension deficit provided an opportunity to outline a Terabit incentive scheme aimed at replacing the call conveyance process whose existence is holding back the development of UK networking.  
Submission to the consultation on the Next Generation Fund Jan 2010 showing how the next generation fund could be applied to deliver a signifciant improvement to UK communications.
The Connectivity label - pre Next Generation Fund, look for Kitemarks4 - collective thinking since 2008 and illustrates the transparency we need to understand our connectivity.
Request and submission to the Spectrum Modernisation programme to support Home cells, a mulit-vendor femto cell.- Dec 2009.
Response to Ofcom consultation on Next Generation Networks - Sept 2009.
This submission to Digital Britain outlines a design for a Universal Service and some suggestions on how next generation access should be approached - March 2009
This submission details a response to the Consultation on the Digital Divide - 2008.