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About the site owner 

My name is Mike Kiely. I have had a 20 year career history with the UK's biggest telecommunications service provider. I am now pursuing a long held passion I have for Video Communications,  specifcally video telephony over Broadband. The vision is for better care services,  families which are better connected,  24x7 connectivity independent of location.

I am also a keen environmentalist ( I dislike shopping and waste),  I hate sitting in traffic and paying close to £5 a gallon for petrol. 
This site is about two things,  a place to force me to add substance to notions and convictions I have about how to achieve 24x7 connectivity for all using the internet suite of protocols and paying no more that what we pay at present (£95pm per household) for a combined fixed/mobile/TV and Broadband services.  While the Digital Britain report has added some bricks into the our bit commons, there is much to do and much to change. The internet and the advent of high speed connectivity are fantastic developments. Those building connectivity services need to be applauded. It allows us all to pursue whatever interests we have and communicate with anyone willing to engage us.  But much more is possible.
To do more of the things that would make a difference to our society  we need better connectivity options,  connectivity which is not limited or defined by what has gone before.  
Mike Kiely
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