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This is a users perspective on the Fibre access debate.  I am an avid Broadband user,  low in downloads but high in real time usage.  My perspective changes depending on geography.
A 2Mb service which supported the key services I outlined would be perfectly adequate.  £30 a month including the phone line or mobile rental would be perfectly acceptable.  Include a 20GB download limit,  with good allowances for peak hour usage where I controlled the distribution of the available quality and I would be satisfied.
A properly run 2Mbps can have the same utility as a poorly run 24Mb service. Speed is important to get more volume but cannot be fully used unless all the properties of the services are tuned correctly,  which is why we need proper labelling for each package. 
Fibre to the Home (100Mbps) means I would change out a lot of equipment in my home.  I would expect to get all my TV on this medium.  I would expect to pay £60-90 a month.  I would buy FTTH but would change a lot of contracts and invest in new kit. It is a big change.
If I was living rurally and stuck on less than 500kbps,  I would be screaming for fibre to the cabinet -(FTTC),  but willing to pay a bit more than I am currently,  but not the £50 expected by Virgin Media.  As the Cybermoor customers with  wifi based speeds of 256kbps-500kbps are laying their fibre,  the constraint will be on the backhaul which unless it is upgraded they will only get a proportion of the possible benefit.  The costs of FTTC as per the Analysys Mason (BSG) would suggest a proportion of  of £1.8bn   stimulus is needed if we were to contemplate a 20Mbps USO.
In the response to the interim Digital Britain report,  BBBritain has suggested a some policy on this matter which can be downloaded from here.